Grass Won’t Grow

  • Artist: Cliff Stevens
  • Release Date: 2016-11-11
  • Genre: Blues
  • Produced By: Cliff Stevens
  • Price: $20

Grass Won’t Grow is Cliff Stevens’ second solo album and the follow up to his self-titled award-winning solo effort ‘Cliff Stevens’ (Feeling the Blues in Europe). Grass Won’t Grow features eleven original compositions by Stevens in the blues-rock genre, ranging from ‘shot whisky’ tunes to upbeat numbers, radio-friendly “songs that would please any fan of the (blues) genre” (Montreal Blues Society). It’s blues, rock, boogie, swing, it’s melodic & mature. It’s Clapton, SRV, Allman Brothers, Johnny Winter… featuring different styles while never straying far from the blues. Grass Won’t Grow is a guitar album, old school blues-rock, but includes some vocal songs you will want to hear over and over again…catchy, well-written tunes.


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